The Only Thing

Graduations are ceremonies to celebrate accomplishments and also to encourage people to dream big things for their futures. As important as it is to grow in assurance and think positively, there are many smaller achievements that we reach daily that help form us and keep us improving as humans. Some days we win more, some days it may seem that we lose in whatever it is that we are up against. If, however, God is our supreme goal, then all that we face can bring us closer to that goal. God sits high above any other human achievement. His reward is with Him. Every other thing we gain in life will go down with us eventually into the grave. It is not so with the Lord. God is only just getting started. He has plans for us that no human can ever imagine. If we can make it our utmost goal to gain a little ground with God each day, then we will be heading in the best direction ever. If our relationship with Christ is what consumes us, then we can achieve a closeness that does not depend on this world´s ups or downs. Bonding our hearts to our Savior sets us on the winning side when all else reaches its end and God sets up His eternal Kingdom. Let´s work towards that goal with a passion.


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