Important Enough

Flames of fire came and stood over their heads. People spoke in foreign tongues. Miracles were performed and people were healed. The power of the Holy Spirit can move with such intensity and work in unbelievable ways. Humans who have witnessed the impossible happen will testify to the wonder of it all. Yet, we have let a comfortable doctrine of the Holy Spirit replace our need or desire inside to experience it for ourselves. If we could reach a place again where our hearts were so open to the Spirit, He could display again His overwhelming presence. “Turn!” was the call of Christ when He walked amongst us. “Seek the Lord, and He shall be found!” “Come!” These are the words that will draw the humble willing hearts to search the lonely places of the soul until room can be made for the Holy Spirit to visit us again. Let us see if by taking the Holy Spirit more seriously, we cannot bring Him back into our faith, into our lives, and free to fill our hearts with His presence and miracles once again!


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