Never Play At Religion

Sometimes we get so caught up in being Christians and doing what we think is pleasing in the eyes of God, that we don´t stop to think just how close our relationship with Him is. Even in our churches, we can overlook the fact that we each need to come to know the Lord personally. Or, we can get so serious about listening to the experts telling us what to believe that we never get around to putting their words into practice. But the truth of the matter is that every single one of us needs to develop a vital and intimate walk with Christ. Nobody will have the slightest chance of entering the banquet dinner if we haven´t first gotten to know the Bridegroom. This is not a matter of shaking or pointing fingers at another person. It is a serious, no, crucial point that should strike a chord within the heart of every would-be believer. If we do manage to gain a special walk with our Savior, we will be on the right path. We will also be tuning ourselves to the whole body of believers the closer we grow to Christ, our first love. Pray that each of us can increase our walk with the Lord today and every day until He returns!


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