Burning Hearts

Taste and you will see that the Lord is good. (Psalms 34:8) Taste some more and He gets sweeter still! There is something marvelous that comes to the humble souls who will go to the fountain and drink full of the Savior. Take Him in, try to fill yourself with His goodness. The souls that do, the ones that truly do, will be filled. There is nothing sweeter than the One who gave His life to redeem us. There is no love deeper than the Lord´s. There is nowhere we can go to find a Friend that will be closer and bring more to a relationship. The blessings never end. In Him, they just keep flowing. When our feeble hearts have truly been with the Savior, when we have walked a while in the cool of the day, we will soon notice how the soul can burn for more of Him. Other loves can burn hot, it´s true. But, none can drive us, fill us, lift us up, and carry us past our lifetime and into eternity like the love for God! So never let us fear or ever hold back from letting our hearts burn for a closer walk with the Lord.


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