The Ladder To God

Coming to know God begins when we first hear of Him. From that tiny beginning, our awareness grows if and as we cultivate it. At every stage or step of the way, we can lose interest, ignore, or reject outright. We can also embrace this upward learning curve and work along with the Holy Spirit´s workings until our relationship with the Divine grows into something infinitely powerful and everlasting. This is where our modern religions may be falling under the tricks of the great deceiver. He has managed in recent times to take away the urgency and dire importance our religions once provided us to approach the Lord in all honesty and with our whole hearts. Where once men and women walked and talked with God daily, people now are content to turn their attention towards Him only for a few minutes a day, one day a week, or only on special days on the calendar. However, the Way is still open for mankind. We can still step closer to the Lord and engage with Him. We may learn of Him and come to know Him if we so choose. Let the ones who will respond, accept the encouragement and drive ourselves with a passion into a new awareness of the Almighty and a higher walk with Him!


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