Seek The Lord

Many times even those of us who say we love the Lord only think of Him from time to time. Our days are so hectic that we find ourselves thinking of our duties, our troubles, and our aspirations. We get so caught up in this complicated job of living in our modern societies that it leaves us little time left to contemplate God and His Kingdom. The Bible did warn us that this would happen in the latter days. Those of us who care to listen will remember the words. Some may even be moved to do something about our dilemma. These precious souls who would make their relationship with the Lord important enough to worry about today will be the ones who stand a chance of seeing Him in the near future. The more we concern ourselves with where we are standing with God now, the closer we will grow in our relationship with Him. In the days of the Apostles, people left their former lives to dedicate themselves to making sure that they were where the Lord could be found and worshipped. If we would do the same now, our ties to God would grow stronger too. We will witness the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Let anyone make it their greatest mission today to be right where God is moving, and that person will soon be blessed with the relationship that they seek!


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