Not Growing, Not Strong

It takes exercise to make us strong. It takes time and effort. People do not fall into shape nor do they get fit by being lazy. We know that eating poorly or too much will complicate our health and add unwanted weight. Yet so often we just go right ahead doing damage to our shape and our health. Our faith in God can suffer the same consequences and become seriously threatened if we are not careful. If we downplay the importance of a healthy relationship with the Lord, then that relationship suffers. When we put off the thought of Christ or hold Him at bay, then our spiritual health decays rapidly. If we make a habit of not talking with our Savior or excluding Him from our daily walk, then we may never see just how bad of shape we are in. Let us determinedly work on our walk with the Lord until it becomes better each day. Let us work on our spiritual health until that health is so strong that it can not only carry us healthily by our Savior´s side through this life but is strong enough to help others too!

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