When It´s All Said And Done

Some people are crazy about football, others are fanatics of something else. Some do this with their religion and are always talking about their beliefs or selling them to others. Then, there is another kind of people who go after the Lord. This rare breed will love to talk about God, but they are more interested in spending time with Him. If they do engage in a conversation about Him, it is because they feel He is there in that moment and moving. The thing that they are fanatical about is always seeking Him out, engaging with Him, and adoring Him. Often they are the quiet ones who have less to say. They are secretly looking for an opportunity to steal some moments away from the crowd to draw near Him. They can´t wait to stick their noses back into the Bible where they learn more of Him and can hear Him speaking to them. These humble believers need to know that the Lord is included in every moment of the day and will run to Him the moment they discover that distance is creeping in. We may all like to think of Heaven where man will live with God. However, when it is all said and done, let us pray that we were the kind of believers who wanted more of the Lord all the time!

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