We Can Still Choose

Just going to church does not mean that we are Christians. Saying that we believe in God or His Son Jesus Christ does not mean that we are saved. Striving to adhere to commandments or laws found in the Bible does not mean that we are the Remnant or won our place in Heaven. However important each step may be, they could all conceivably be done without ever having come to KNOW the Lord. They may demonstrate that we know ABOUT the Lord. To come to know the Lord personally, a vital and intimate relationship will need to be sought. This means that first there must be a desire to know Him. We will have to cultivate our desire until our whole nature begins to respond. This is much different than merely being convinced of the things we know of God. It means that we take the whole thing further to the point where we demand to experience Him for ourselves. It means that we go beyond throwing words up toward God in our prayers and begin to engage in a conversation with Him where all that we are is poured in and we happily start receiving communication from Him. Seeking the Lord in our day, our moments, in our hearts, and in our every expression, is what will make us true followers of Christ. Let us choose to be that kind of believer!

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