The Spirit-filled Believer

The kind of believer who will be filled by the Spirit of God is the kind that has known brokenness that only God could save them from and they remained with Him until He was able to enter their hearts. These days we are buying into a concept of religion that does not cost us anything and few people are telling us that to have the Lord will mean losing everything else we love in this life. Therefore the Holy Spirit does still move, but His work is greatly reduced because the hearts He has to work in have not gone through a separation from the world. If we would like to experience the overwhelming sensation of the Spirit of God invading our natures, then we will have to go through our own painful experiences like the one our Savior suffered on the cross. We must pass from death to life by following our desire to be with the Son until all our secret love for our world has been effectively lost and only love for God remains. Few will press on this far, but oh, how blessed are the ones who will take their love for the Lord that far!

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