Closer Today

Unfortunately, this hunger for the Lord that new believers feel that drives them to seek more and more of the Lord is often soon lost. Many people today get their doctrines and beliefs straightened out and then settle into a comfortable Christian life. They are happy and content with their choices and will gladly share their faith with those around them. But that aching need to grow closer to Christ? Where did it go? Oh, if we could only hold onto it! If we could resist the urge to grow complacent, our walk with the Lord never needs to grow cold. If we could keep the fire alive, our desire for more of God would drive us hard after Him. Like enraptured lovers, we would seek the One we love with a passion that never grows cold! What we would experience of God would thrill us more than we can fathom. Let our hearts burn again and never stop burning for the Lord our God!


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