There Or Here

Eternity holds its breath when it finds hearts that turn to the Lord. When souls stop and look up the angels in Heaven rejoice. However, the celebration really begins when those humble hearts seek to engage with God. They want to know Him. They need to walk with Him. They desire to talk to Him and will yearn to hear Him speaking to them. For them, tomorrow or the future is too late. They must have Him with them now, today, in this, and every moment. They will not settle for a warm thought of Him but will cultivate that thought until He can come close and share the moment with them. Even believers who have spent a lifetime calling ourselves Christians can learn new wonders of our Lord as our walk with Him grows. Let each of us seek greener pastures and sweeter moments to be with our God. Until the great day where He brings us into His presence to live there forever, let our hearts increase their desire for more of Him! Let us never put God off for some other moment of our lives, but live to be with Him right now, here today. Then tomorrow, we will strive even more to improve on what we accomplished today. Eternity waits for hungry souls like this.


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