In The Cool Of The Day

There is a special breed of Christians. It is not a distinction between denominations. Rather, it is a condition of the heart. It is found in hearts that have realized that they were touched first by God. In these hearts, there is an unexplainable yearning. They yearn for the One who first loved them. This yearning burns there within. It drives their tortured heart to seek God. No amount of finding ever quenches their desire. It grows fuller as the awareness of God´s presence and goodness dawns ever stronger upon them. They will leave the comforts of their lives to go out in search of time to spend with Him. They will get out of their warm beds or leave their spouses sleeping. They will set apart their pressing issues to steal moments alone with Him. They will find moments at great cost throughout their day to walk with the Lord. In the beginning, God came to walk with man in the cool of the day. (Genisis 3) Let us work to restore that bond, that relationship, and that tie to God that should be ours.

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