Enlightenment is a theme that has fallen to the wayside as our religions bustle in another direction. It deals with the most intimate secrets of God and therefore should not lose any of its spiritual value. However, the direction of our fallen world is under heavy attack from the enemy so we must be careful not to lose sight of it completely. Deep within us, below our denominational ties, we need to cling to the hope that God will reach through the invisible barriers that keep us from seeing into His realm. God will reveal His secrets to us. It is in His nature to do so. He has always, throughout the ages, given glimpses of His hand, His plan, and His hopes for us. And, what He wants for us is good. Those whom He finds holding a heart after His, truly seeking Him, are the ones who will receive special enlightenment. We are not merely talking about the ability to decipher texts. It means we should strive to be visited by the presence of God. When He clears the clouds that cover our understanding we will be amazed and bewildered. We will want to sing praises to His name! Pray that we may become the kind of seekers who press on until the secrets of the Lord are shown to us!

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