How To Become A Christian

The Holy Scriptures are full of promises for some and warnings for all. Before we strive to be right with others, we need to go to God. It will come, but only in that order. Before we will ever learn what right is, we will need to approach the Son, our Lord, our Savior. There, with our attention truly on Him, humbled and knowing our need for Him to lead us Home, He can begin to change us. Only those who are willing to turn from our ways and seek to be made like the Lamb will learn. Only they will be washed clean. And when we are washed clean we will have less to do with us, trivial earthly matters, or self-righteousness. Our Teacher will be walking us according to His heavenly will and His heavenly goals. His love will lead us, fill us and flow from us. It will not come for technical or intellectual reasons but because our souls are tuning to the heart of the One we walk with. We will deserve no merit other than what God may see in our intentions. Then, we will be Christians in the true sense, in that we follow Him, look to Him, and learn how to step through being with Him.


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