Great Danger

Whether we are feeling sorry for ourselves or demanding the treats that our hearts are set upon, we are ultimately placing Self in the spotlight. We would be the protagonist and everything must bow to us, to our liking, and our desires. If someone has stepped on our egos or if we are under attack, we pray for God to lift us. If we want something or feel that we should get what our hearts fancy, there too we go to the Lord begging to give us our prize. Either way, our hearts are not truly set on God, they are turned inward. Our needs, our desires, and our feelings loom up and crowd out whatever God´s will might be for us. We may not even be aware of what is happening because we think we are doing the right thing by calling on God. However, God has called us to seek Him first. We will not see the great danger that our hearts are in as long as those hearts have set themselves in the place of honor. Pray that we turn to the Lord and let Him show us the true inclination of our hearts. Pray that we go to Him to seek His will for us and not just say the words, “His will be done,” as a catchphrase to get what we want.

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