Praising God in Trying Times

Trials and troubles are painful things that every human will have to suffer. However, if we can realize through our suffering that there is One high above us and our self-pity there is hope. The very One we look to who is bigger than our strife is pleased to see that we recognize His Lordship. He can move into the realm of our awareness because our praise shows that we hold Him in our hearts. There are no problems that are too big for the Almighty. There is no power greater than His. When we understand that fact and praise Him for it, He will see that our hearts are open to witnessing marvelous things. It is a wonderful blessing to watch as God reaches through our reality and alters things, performing His wondrous miracles to bless His believing children. Pray that we may be the ones who sing the praises to God even when we face the worst. That way, we will also be the ones with something to sing about when we see Him move mountains for us.


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