Hidden Evil

Even when we say that we live by faith, sometimes we still secretly assume that we gain God´s favor through our actions. It is true that if our actions do not show that God has gotten into our hearts we are only fooling ourselves. However, almost every Christian alive will need to struggle with hidden enemies until either God wins within us or evil does. The father of all lies does not want us to end up standing beside our Savior when all is said and done. And now, as things are wrapping up on the scene, he is doubling up on his efforts. Father, Son, Spirit, and the Bible all agree in their encouragement unto us. They point toward Christ as our only Way forward. Should we try to make it in by any other gate, it will not be The Way. For us to step right, we must step with our Savior. This does not mean by our power, intelligence, or beliefs. It means actually coming close enough and deliberately enough that we begin walking with Him. We must turn from ourselves, our ways, and our righteousness. His righteousness we seek as when we are with Him, hearts mingling, His sacrifice will bring our salvation. Let us go to the only One where we will be safe even from our wayward selves. Walk with Jesus and let Him guide our steps!


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