Walk With Jesus

There is no other name under heaven above by which we can come unto God. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. He paid more than we will ever be able to fathom to be the One who leads us Home. He can get us to the Father and present us washed clean enough to be allowed to gaze upon the Almighty. Only He can do it. We will need to get this straight or stop calling ourselves by His name. Our obligation to Him carries the weight of all eternity. If we get it wrong, we close the door on our souls from ever reaching their carefully designed destiny. We will never get off on a technicality or by self-righteousness. We will need Him. He will need to know us, and we will need to know Him intimately. This is a call and a warning! Grow close to Christ, as deeply and most sincerely as we can, and then the relationship we share can save us. Nothing else will! (John 14:15)

When Christ tells us to keep His commands He is not only asking us to follow words written a long time ago but to be the kind of followers who follow Him each day throughout our lives. This means looking to, listening for, and inclining ourselves to Him every step of the Way!


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