An Unimaginable Experience

There is an opportunity that lies waiting for anyone who would still seek to experience God today. We are not talking about merely attending some meetings or joining one of the local organizations. We are talking about preparing our hearts, humbling ourselves, and then making a genuine attempt to meet the Lord. We are talking about getting to know Him, to spend time cultivating our relationship with Him. When we do, we will soon be amazed at His movement. When God moves, amazing and marvelous things happen. All our troubles will not disappear, as a matter of fact, they could increase. But this will not matter to those few who will seek on. These hearts will burn with desire to gaze on One whom we cannot see. They want to contemplate One who is greater than all we can conceive. When He reveals Himself to those who demand so much as to be witnesses of His wonder and glory, they will be blown away by what they will experience! It is worth dropping everything to gain! It will change these cheap lives and set the focus of our souls on walking daily with the God of Wonders!


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