Praising God

It is easy to get caught up in praising the Lord when we are together with other Christians worshipping God in an assembly. However, our praise to God does not have to be limited to these gatherings nor does it need to be done only in church. Our Lord is living and engaging with us each and every day. He wants to walk through our day along with us. We can be with Him in stolen moments, while we go about our business, and even keep a sense of His presence near us always. Whenever our souls come into contact with the Spirit of God or we are tuned in some way to Him, the natural response is praise that wells up in love. This is an area of our faith that can be exercised and strengthened if we will but make the effort. Some will refuse, some will downplay it, and others will simply not place sufficient emphasis to do anything about how we are holding our Lord. But then there are a few love-struck souls, they will sense their heart´s tie to the Divine and bubble over inside. They will overflow with adoration because they have felt God nearby, even within, and there is no appropriate response other than praise for all they are becoming aware of. Take baby steps if we will, but we can soon become experts in finding and praising a very real and present Lord!


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