More To The Spirit

We can yearn for the Spirit to fill us. We can pray earnestly and prepare our hearts for it, but nothing on earth can compare to the beauty and bliss His presence brings. For mortals, it is the highest joy and most exhilarating thing to have the Divine visit our souls. It is the Unlimited, All-Powerful God pouring into such frail and insufficient a vessel as our hearts. Yet with all the pleasure that the experience may bring, there is still endlessly more to the presence of the Holy Spirit in us. He always comes with assurance. It is reassuring to know that God cares and our faith is rewarded. He brings strength and guidance. Being with Him, we know where to place our steps, not because we are better prepared, but because we are focused upon Him. The Spirit brings peace. When we are filled with Him, we gratefully need not care about the state of our world nor the threats to our earthly lives. His presence is what matters. Much more comes to us when the Holy Spirit comes, but our highest joy will be to discover these blessings with Him as He makes us aware of them. So, let us continue to prepare our hearts. Set our hope in being overwhelmed, and press forward in faith until we are filled each day with the Spirit of the Lord!


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