An Appreciative Heart

The more affected we can become as a reaction to all that God has done for us, the more we will place of our hearts at His disposal. When gratitude fills us, it reaches out toward the Source that brought us such grace. Hearts that are often closed up tightly, clinging to the things they believe to be ours, suddenly open to receive the kindness the Lord is showering us with. We may be afflicted on every other side, but when the love comes flowing warmly down upon us from above, it is all that matters anymore. Thankfulness and thanksgiving swing wide open the doors to our souls. Something wonderful, even magical happens between the Giver and these blessed hearts that recognize God´s generosity and care. The Holy Spirit is free to flow directly between the adoring worshipper and our benevolent Father. Oh please, help us finally see how much the Divine does for us each day so that we are filled and overcome with praise from our humble and appreciative hearts!


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