A Day For Thanks

Recognizing when we have been blessed is the first step to being grateful for the things we receive. Once we have come to the conclusion that we have something to be thankful for, we can then turn our hearts over to repaying the kindness with our gratitude. Gratitude for gifts is a pleasant reward for any giver. The fact that we show our appreciation makes whatever gesture worthwhile for the one who thought of us in the first place and then took the time and effort to share with us. A tie is made, a bond is strengthened, and a moment is shared between the two parties. It is all so beautiful. It is sweet and pleasing even to those who are not involved just to witness the engagement. And that we put apart a day especially to give thanks makes a wonderful opportunity to fill everyone´s hearts with joy. It can bring us together as humans, but most importantly, it can draw us near our Lord, the Giver of All Things!


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