Too Lazy To Care

A Christian who truly has their heart and soul set on spending eternity with their God will be considerably different than the hoards of people that surround us today. They are creatures bent on a mission. They are driven souls. There is one thing on their minds that overshadows the typical things that people seek these days. While their peers are struggling to get ahead in life, these burning souls will press on after a different goal. The one single thing that they are after is to be near their God. No amount of flowery words or convenient texts will replace their need to know Christ personally. No flattering declaration or title they wear will provide them the assurance that they have broken into the inner circle of intimate friends of the King. They will need proof from their heart that is backed up by their actions, words, and intentions. They will not be fooled by even their own fallen natures. These precious worshippers will seek the God they adore. They refuse to take even one step alone. Let us be the kind of believer that needs to know that we are walking ever closer to our Savior now, today, and forever!


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