With Us Now

Those who rise to greater heights in their walk with the Lord are the ones who learn to actively bring Him into their day. This humble practice may not sound like much and even believers who have been professed Christians for years may choose not to give it much thought. Yet it is a profound truth that divides forever those who merely say they are God´s people and those who truly know Him and happily walk with Him each day. With a simple change of outlook, the God that some hold to in doctrine and text only comes alive and is free to move in our here and now. He can thrill our hearts, bewilder and surprise us beyond belief. When we learn to stop floating out our prayers into the limitless reaches of space, and finally direct them to the most intimate and trusted Friend, then the magic begins. Where it ends no time nor words can tell! Let us pray that our beliefs will gain us something now! Let us pray that wherever we stand with Christ, He is free to come, welcomed in, and expected to thrill us today!


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