Sweet Moments

There comes in the life of a believer in Christ sweet moments where logic and emotion are dumbfounded and the humble worshipper is left standing within the piercing brightness of the presence of God. There are other more subtle moments where His presence can be felt ever-so-near and the wondering worshipper is comforted with the reassurance. These and other sweet moments when our relationship with the Divine rises higher than mere speculation are why we come unto the Lord. Our God is the Living God, He is active and moving. When He does He is sure to leave us breathless in awe and hungry for more. Search the Scriptures and you will find nothing but encouragement for us to pursue such an intimate walk with our Savior. We will also find plenty of warning for those who choose not to seek Him. Let us carefully cultivate our hearts and do whatever we can each day to assure ourselves of receiving and reveling in our sweet moments where we can be with our Lord!  (Psalm 5)


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