One Kind Saved

It is no coincidence that when Jesus began to teach men on earth His cry was for us to repent. The human heart that refuses or even simply overlooks this state steps into dangerous territory. We will never fathom the depth of our treason or what we are doing in the spiritual realms when we wrongly think we can walk holding our own hands. Like tiny children crossing a busy street, we cannot conceive of the dangers and threats that steal our lives and souls. However, those blessed souls who would rather feel a healthy amount of pain, those who will humble themselves, will learn something that the proud and self-sufficient will not. They will find the peace that comes through their willingness to empty themselves of their very selves. That blessed, yet frightful day when all will be seen for the spiritual worth that it truly holds, only one kind of believer will be faithfully standing by our Savior´s side. On that day we will see who was sincere in their hearts and would not trust even a convenient text. The redeemed are those who left all that their hearts would go out to in this world to receive Christ as their prize, their inheritance, and their life. 

(Matthew 3, 2 Timothy 2:14-26, Revelation 2)

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