Come To Christ

Written in the first chapter of the book of Matthew is a story. It is a magical story of a couple who came into contact with God.  The Father moves.  His plans include the lives of all humanity.  He is working far above our natural abilities to comprehend.  He is carefully laying out His plan of redemption.  All of creation has turned away from seeking Him.  Our mysterious Creator plants the seed of a baby within the womb of a young woman.  The Child is much more than a matter of science.  In the birth, the life, and the death of this Baby lies the redemption of our entire race.  He will lead the lost back into the arms of the Lord. In Christ, we can find our Way back into the Presence of our God.

We may have the right to turn down or downplay the call to Christ.  Yet why would we judge someone we have not met yet?  Now we have an opportunity to step out of the crowd.  We stand to be amazed and bewildered by the wonders that await us. We can make a new effort to pull in close. Let us draw near the Savior, the Son, our Teacher, and let Him direct our hearts. Let us step into the very presence of the Divine!  (Read  Matthew 1:18-25) 


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