To Have Special Moments With God

Let us make time for God in our day. Let us go looking for Him. Let us be there for Him. And, let us revel in His presence as long and sweetly as we possibly can!

If we want something more in our relationship with God, we may ask ourselves how we will get there. It is good that we ask because most people won´t take their relationship with the Lord that far. Yet if our hearts do burn for our Savior, we are on the right path. We can go in search of higher levels upon which we can engage with Christ. We can pray more earnestly for deeper understanding and a greater sense of His presence. Yet, we will not stop there. We will go on praying with a rising realization that what we are looking for, is right here with us. He is closer than our skin and always has been. God is near. Whenever we turn to Him, we are already with Him. So let us pray that the barriers in our hearts that hide the Lord´s presence from us finally fade. Let us pray to wake up to the realities of our God all around and in us today!

As he was praying, the appearance of his face was altered, and his clothing became white and dazzling.  Luke 9:29 (WEB)


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