God, Where Are You?

Why do you stand far off, Yahweh? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble? Psalm 10:1

Tears roll down the cheeks and hearts sink into the depths of despair. Troubles come to us all. But why? Have you ever felt like challenging God? When the sharp blades of our troubles slice into the tender flesh of our souls we flinch under the excruciating pain. It is normal. It is human. We have all watched our dreams torn apart and what we love dashed upon the rocks. When darkness falls over us we can turn to our infinite God. Our troubles have not escaped His attention. The One who sits high above all that is wrong with the world sees our situation. Even though our hearts feel like crying “Why would You do this to us?” He has seen farther. He knows with everlasting wisdom where this leads. His work is in progress. He knows seeds must die in the cold ground before tender shoots can bud into life. He knows the weeds that would threaten to choke the crop under His care. However, the Lord is working toward the harvest. He will have His beloved with Him. All who set their hearts on Him will be gathered in. We can be there too. Let the Master do His work. Whatever painful process He needs to take will surely pay off. Let us cry if we need to. But let us cry to the One who loves us enough to suffer in our stead for the assurance that we will be together, forever!

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