Call Into Account

Why does the wicked person condemn God, and say in his heart, “God won’t call me into account?” Psalm 10:13

Beating our heads against the wall, we feel our plans just will not turn and go our way. That is when we do it! We let the anger rise within us against God. “Why would He do this to us?” we dare to question under our breath. We all probably know the feeling too well. However, we can let the feeling go. The essence of righteousness floods out of goodness.

The wicked and wayward purposefully defy all they know of God to run the risk. Those who have bowed in the very presence of the Almighty have seen a different light. When hearts have been exposed to the Wonder that is our God, they fall, breathless and trembling, undone. We experience firsthand the size of limitlessness. We become insufficient vessels into which whole oceans of the Spirit pour. Inconceivable? Incongruent? Oh yes! By far!

Make no mistake, the Almighty, All-powerful, Loving God may tolerate evil for a time. However, He only does this as He has His plan. All will be restored unto Him. That what will not restore itself to Him will be removed from His presence, forever. Oh, how terrible to think what that entails. Let´s not let our hearts go there! If they do, let´s bring them running right back!


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