Sent From On High

He sent from on high. He took me. He drew me out of many waters. Psalm 18:16

When God moves, it is impressive. Some witness God reaching through the natural course of things to alter reality. They do not know how to describe it. There are no words. The thrill sends them down a path in search of more of Him. Something in our hearts needs to know that His presence is here with us in this life. Once we sense it, the arguments end.

Too many people wriggle into comfort in their seats in church each week. Eyes point forward, and ears prepare to hear the same encouragement they expect. They do not go there for a challenge. They choose to leave the days of searching behind them. They fail to see that today holds a treasure. Great discoveries hide just beyond our view. God in Heaven prepares to move. Many before us experienced it.

Now is our chance. Make ready. Tune these hearts. Let our souls mount up in expectation. We would see the Lord in action today if we look for it. Seize the day!

He sent from on high. He took me. He drew me out of many waters.  Psalm 18:16 (WEB)


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