God Answers

Save, Yahweh! Let the King answer us when we call! Psalm 20:9

One of the most mind-boggling themes to ponder is why the Almighty God would listen to us. The atheist brushes off the subject or uses it as an excuse not to tackle it. Even good Christians will often purposefully put off dealing with it. Yet when souls are in the fire, they do not have these dangerous luxuries. When spiritual warfare camps square in the middle of our lives, it´s unavoidable. When all hell breaks loose and threatens to overwhelm us, we need God there listening. Will He save us?

God is many things. He is love. God is Light. He is the Creator and Redeemer. And, He is our Salvation! Those who have nowhere else to turn, turn to Him. They cry to Him. It sounds ludicrous, but it´s true. God hears us! It might not happen the instant we call, but if we continue to turn to Him, He will answer us! It might not happen in the way we ask. But when God moves, there is nothing on earth more amazing to watch. God saves because He cares. He cares for those who are His. Let´s cry to God. It will be worth seeing what happens next!

Save, Yahweh! Let the King answer us when we call!  Psalm 20:9

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