Be exalted, Yahweh, in your strength, so we will sing and praise your power. Psalm 21:13

We never know when the special moment of enlightenment will overcome us. Sweet yet terrifying seconds tick by as we reel in astonishment. The invisible walls that conceal God´s presence from us vanish. Left without the comfortable fixed points that we humans trust, we begin to tremble. When God shows up, limitations flee, and all things are possible. In His presence, no other power nor law can stand to compare. Gravity, time, and distance all become insignificant in the light of His glory. We cannot help but fall to our faces as our souls race. Try as we may, we cannot take the immensity of Him in. Yet the hearts ache as it tries!

Oh Lord, please come near us today. Move in such a way into the kind of awareness that leaves us breathless. With hearts pounding inside our chests, let us set them on being with You. Stricken these souls as we embark on the quest of a lifetime. Drive us hard on our search for You today. Then let poor hearts gasp as they sing praises to Your Holy Name!

Be exalted, Yahweh, in your strength, so we will sing and praise your power.  Psalm 21:13

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