The Humble Inherit The Land

But the humble shall inherit the land, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. Psalm 37:11

Come to the Lord, and you will inherit your piece of Heaven. The proclamation is moving for those who let their imaginations rise. Many of our evangelical churches urge us with the promise. They are faithful to the truth. But, they might not see that darkness has laid an ambush in the middle of their mission. If we are not careful, many could lose our chance to receive the reward.

The trap that has made its way right to the very dinner table of the Lord is a twist to the truth. Evil would have every child of God that would seek Him do it for the wrong reasons. We can bolster ourselves with part truth that will send us marching off on our quest. Yet that quest handed to us is to gain all we can of the promises of God. The thought of seeking God first is conveniently overlooked or downplayed. Instead, we charge off in hot pursuit of a mansion in Heaven, eternal life, or having all our worries relieved.

It is a deadly trick because the point of trickery is to use some truth to get us to buy in. All the promises will come to the true believer. But not if we never meet the condition. When Heaven´s doors are open, we will get in or remain excluded by one thing. If we don´t humble ourselves, we will be left outside to gnash our teeth.

The promises are good. The reward stands before us. So let us keep crystal clear what our Prize will be. Let God be our Prize.

Let us turn away from our earthly nature that greedily wants to gain things for us. We can only do it if we humble ourselves. Then getting to know our Savior can become our goal. Remember that any pride in ourselves or the things we think we know will let us down in the end. Let us make sure we have the walk with Christ that He would have with us today. Then, all our tomorrows will hold the same promise for us.

But the humble shall inherit the land, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.  Psalm 37:11 (WEB)


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